Hotels vs BnB's

There are many hotels in derry and BB accommodations. You can't go wrong with either. Below are the positives of both hotels and BB's.

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Hotels The Positives

Hotels tend to have very comfortable beds, pillows and furniture. In fact, many hotels include a chair in their rooms. When you stay at a hotel, you can result assure you will be completely comfortable.

Cleanliness and superb customer service are almost a guarantee at any hotel. Most hotels have a maid staff that goes into the rooms during the day and clean. If you stay for long periods of time at a hotel, then you can look forward to leave your room and coming back to a spotless room, if you give the hotel's staff permission to clean the room when you're not in it.

If you stay in a hotel, then you will have access to onsite amenities. These amenities may include access to a conference room, a fitness area, pool area and much more. Different hotels have different features. Even the rooms may be equipped with amenities such as a hot tub, balcony or access to the beach. If you stay at a hotel located right on the beach, then it may be possible to get a room that has a door which leads right out onto the sand. These are only a few examples of the amenities hotels may offer.

BB's The Positives

Breakfast is included with your stay. Once you wake up, you will be able to enjoy a breakfast in the serving area. Some places bring your breakfast to your room, while some already have breakfast items in the room. Whether you are served it or have to serve yourself, breakfast will be included in your price.

You'll meet other travelers while staying at a BB. BB's are known for being places travelers go to, especially those looking to explore areas off the beaten path. This gives you the chance to explore touristy areas, make new friends and make memories you will never forget.

Privacy is something all travelers want in an accommodation. A BB offers plenty of privacy, and some have rooms that are equipped with their own bathrooms and showers. Some do have bathrooms that are shared, but the rooms themselves offer plenty of privacy. Not only that, but depending on where you stay, you may be treated to amazing views right from your room. For example, if you stay at a BB located mountainside, then you will be able to look out your window and take in views of the mountain and surrounding area.

Many BB's have very spacious rooms, and at a great price. In fact, you could end up saving yourself a lot of money by staying at one. Hotels are affordable too, but BB's tend to be more affordable.

Hotels and BB's are both great places to stay at. You just have to figure out what you want in an accommodation and choose which type you want. As previously mentioned, there is no wrong choice, as both offer an array of benefits.